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Professional Development Offerings

Evaluation/Research Methodologies

Foundations of Evaluation
Applied Research Methods I & II
Mixed Methods in Evaluation
Culturally Responsive Evaluation
Survey Design
Best Practices in Data Collection and Management

Grant Writing/Resource Development Workshops

Grant writing 101
How to Write an Engaging Letter of Intent
How to Write an Effective Strategic Plan

Child/Adolescent Development

Normal Development in the First Ten Years of Life
Normal Development in Middle Childhood and Adolescence
The Importance of Temperament
Adolescent psychology/development- What are Fair Expectations

Loss and Trauma

Attachment and Loss in Childhood
Creating Trauma Sensitive Classrooms

Violence Prevention

Integrating Restorative Justice Practices into the Classroom
Bullying Prevention Strategies
How to Prevent, Recognize, and Respond to Bullying: A Training for All School Staff
Cyberbullying: What Can Be Done to Address It?
Gangs 101
Safe and Healthy Relationships in the Adolescent Years (for middle and
high school staff)
The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study- The Cumulative Effect of
Violence on Students’ Achievement
The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children and Families

Instructional Strategies & Coaching

Conflict Management Training for Parent Coordinators
Conflict Management Training for Teachers
The Power of 2: Making a Difference Through Co-teaching
Educator Self-Care & Wellness
De-Escalation Techniques- Promoting a Non-Violent School Climate

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