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Program Evaluation

L&G conducts program evaluation and research in education, youth development, public health, community development, mental health, and social welfare. L&G believes in the importance of using accurate information and systematic inquiry to support program quality improvement and achievement of program goals and objectives.

Our role as evaluators is to lead organizations to deliver on their missions and meet the needs of those they serve. Our evaluation lens is participatory in nature. We seek to empower stakeholders, increase data literacy, guide decision-making, and build capacity to utilize data for continuous program improvement. We gather input from stakeholders throughout the evaluation process to ensure that our evaluation efforts are grounded and beneficial.

Evaluation Services:

Program and policy development
Process and implementation evaluation
Fidelity to program model (implemented as planned)
Outcome evaluation
Impact evaluation including quasi-experimental designs and Randomized Control Trials
Evaluation readiness assessments
Cost analyses, cost/benefit studies, Return on Investment
Design of evaluation and monitoring plans
Theory of change and logic models
Recruitment, and enrollment for research studies
Random assignment
Community needs assessment

Our evaluation approach incorporates quantitative and qualitative research methods:

Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis

Data monitoring and analysis
Regression analysis/statistical methods and techniques
Analyzing and merging large administrative data sets and/or survey data
Survey design, implementation and analysis
Demographic trends analysis and projections

Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis

Focus groups
Case studies
Record reviews
Content analysis
Qualitative analysis (e.g., qualitative coding techniques and strategies)
Participatory Action Research or other innovative qualitative research methods

Grant Writing & Resource Development

The L&G team has expertise securing public and private funds for educational, social, community development, public and mental health programs. Our services are a tremendous asset to any organization seeking to increase capacity and promote sustainability. We effectively identify grant opportunities and develop fundraising strategies that align with their mission and goals.

We work closely with clients guiding every step of the grant writing process. Our collaborative approach ensures the development of innovative and evidence-based programs. We conduct thorough needs assessments and develop comprehensive evaluation plans that make our proposals competitive.

Organizations seeking to build their grant writing capacity can benefit from L&G’s grant writing workshops. Our hands-on workshops teach participants how to research grant opportunities that align with their organization’s mission and gives them the necessary skills to write and develop successful grant applications. They also gain valuable insight into the review process and identify what makes a proposal competitive.

Grant development services:

Fundraising strategy development
Identify grant opportunities and assess fit with organization’s mission
Comprehensive needs assessments
Community asset mapping
Program design and planning
Proposal development
Grant writing workshops

Capacity Building Services

At L&G, we leverage our research and evaluation expertise to build organizational capacity that strengthens performance measurement practices and improves contractual compliance. We understand the importance of successfully identifying performance indicators and tracking measurable outcomes to quantify social impact. Our efforts provide solid evidence of program effectiveness to funders. We assess client needs and work collaboratively to identify areas of organizational growth to inform strategic planning.

Capacity building services:

Community needs assessment
Program development and implementation
Training around development or implementation of a theory of change and logic models
Program assessment and analysis (need, service gaps, other program models, policy/funding context, provider capacity)
Development of new program indicators, outcomes or metrics to determine the effectiveness of programs and policies
Monitoring program implementation and impact
Level and quality of services provided, including staffing levels, training and qualifications, level of staff involvement
Staff training and capacity building efforts related to research, data analysis, implementing
evidence-based programs, and evaluation
Landscape analysis, literature reviews, and reviews of similar initiatives in other locations
Effectiveness analysis of program operations including client flow, services provided, and program outputs
Assessment of challenges to implementation and replication, as well as program scalability
Resource analysis (basic assessment of inputs and preliminary cost effectiveness measures) and productivity measures
Client satisfaction and perceptions, and feedback from other stakeholders
Analysis or development of management reporting and information systems
Technical support for data collection or analysis

Facilitate or lead discussions that help stakeholders understand evaluation findings and design action steps for improvement

Provide support or training on continuous quality improvement, including data-driven decision-making and results-oriented management

Multiple Task Award Contract (MTAC) application development, writing, and support

Professional Development Services

L&G recognizes the critical role that New York City professionals in the education and human services fields play in providing youth a safe and nurturing learning environment both in schools and communities. L&G’s professional development workshops, led by our experienced team of doctoral trained facilitators, are designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of topics and methodologies that prepare audiences for the implementation of new programs or initiatives that both support the continuous improvement and advancement of this work.

Our team provides skills-based professional development workshops that challenge the traditional, didactic model by creating a space for participants to share ideas and collaborate in their learning, often in job-embedded contexts. Participants learn by doing! As a result, participants become more well-rounded and skilled in certain areas, better contributors to their organization or school’s mission and goals, and better prepared to advance their careers.

Our workshops are up to 3 hours in duration and are customizable to meet your staff’s needs.

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